February 2016 Update

2016 has kicked off with a very busy month and we’re all thrilled to keep rollin’ into February. We want to make a special welcome to our new apprentices who have joined us for the first time: Paul Breedlove, Lindsay Herrick, Travis Moss, Justin Zetlaw … and also Brandon Warner who has joined us again. We are picking up the pace & looking forward to a great year!

VLC Electrician Highlight: Performance Above and Beyond!

DSCN0016 Thanks Mark for your dedication to Safety, Performance, and Innovation! It is with great honor that this month we want to recognize Journeyman Mark Bryner for his performance and dedication to the V. L. Chapman Electric team. “Mark doesn’t leave a stone unturned with his projects, he is thorough and very precise with everything that he does here at Lubrizol for V. L. Chapman,” says Foreman Cole Marshall. “Mark has a creative way of thinking when it comes to the layout of his projects to make everything fit and flow smoothly. I guess what I’m trying to say is when Mark gets assigned a job, you can be sure it’s going to be done right and look good.” Mark has impressed our team and our customers over and over with his willingness to go above and beyond in skill and preparation for each project he works on.

Ashtabula Library Update

And speaking of work that is looking good … we’d like to invite you to check out the Ashtabula Library. Tom Chapman says, “While these pictures don’t really do it justice, the work that our guys are doing in Ashtabula has really been impressive.
fef-2016The project has not been a simple one by any means, but Foreman Matt Weaver and the team (largely (J)Steve Billhardt and (A)Curtis Blake, as well as a handful other Electricians) are doing a great job at making the best of it by performing some quality work.”

Upcoming Dates

Week of March 28th 2016 (DateLocation TBD) – Half-Million Safety Hours Celebration! We’ll soon announce the details, but keep Safety as our Focus & it’ll be here before we know it! Thanks again for all your effort in keeping our work and team Safe in all you do.