Tom Chapman

Tom Chapman is the CEO of V.L. Chapman Electric, Inc. He joined his dad, Vern Chapman, in 1971, in the business and has been with VLC ever since. Tom assumed the role of Vice President of Construction and Treasurer in 1974 and also became Secretary / Treasurer of the Corporation in 1982. When his brother Jim passed away in 2000, Tom assumed full leadership in the company.  Along with Claudia, his wife, they have lead and financed VLC through decades of projects and work. His 40+ years of electrical experience, leadership, and vision has created the backbone of the solid reputation that VLC has today.  Tom and Claudia have a love for their 4 kids and 13 grandkids, and have been serving the NE Ohio community though VLC and their ministries for decades. Tom is an alumni of Mentor High and an Ohio High School Hall of Fame football player, and still keeps his competitive edge alive on the golf course.