The V.L. Chapman Electric Difference is Experience. With literally hundreds-of-thousands of man hours logged in maintenance and development of industrial facilities here in NE Ohio, the V.L. Chapman team is experienced and equipped to create solutions for your... Continue reading


V.L. Chapman Electric is really the Story of a company helping dozens of other companies in our community and write their stories.  For 70 years we have provided the power and lights for everything from the classrooms that your children learn in, to the dining... Continue reading


Here in NE Ohio we’re all very familiar with power outages that last from a few hours to a few days.  We’ve all experienced the hassle and cost of being unprepared for outages, or even worse the losses and damages to property that have come from outages... Continue reading


We specialize in providing electrical safety for Your Home.  Besides being one of your biggest investments, your home is the place you live and celebrate and rest!  So when you’re there you need to have the peace and comfort of knowing that all is safe and... Continue reading