Don’t be caught unprepared

Here in NE Ohio we’re all very familiar with power outages that last from a few hours to a few days.  We’ve all experienced the hassle and cost of being unprepared for outages, or even worse the losses and damages to property that have come from outages during a storm.

Make 2022 the year you take action! Don’t be caught unprepared, or trust your family’s safety and comfort, or the investment of your house, to the local power grid. Install a Kohler Standby Generator and be assured that your family and home are protected, no matter what the weather does!

At V.L. Chapman Electric, we’ve been providing the very best in Electrical service and installation all over NE Ohio for 3 generations, since 1952.  As a Kohler Authorized Dealer, we have installed generators to protect homes, businesses, and City Utility Systems for over 40 years.  Let us provide you with a FREE QUOTATION on the best Whole House Generators you can install.

Services and Features:

100% Whole House Power – Have Full-function of your house during even the worst of conditions.
100% Automatic Power – Generation (Natural Gas, you never step outside, never fill a gas tank, never connect an extension cord)
100% Lifetime Guaranteed Installation – At VL Chapman Electric, we guarantee our work -Period.
Kohler Generators – American Made Engines, Carry a 5 Year Equipment and Parts Warranty
6 Month Services Bi-annual Service Checkups by VL Chapman Technicians (1st 2 included with Purchase)
Trained/Certified Professional Electricians installing your Generator, for the best of care for your house and family.

What others are saying:

“Last winter I called VL Chapman to let them know my Generator was running non-stop for 2 days … and then I realized that none of my neighbors had power.  Because my Generator works, it took me 2 days to notice the power outage! ”  Jeanette C.